Graduate Certificate in Applied Helping Skills


Program Overview

For both personal and professional reasons, it is essential that you know how to effectively speak and interact with people who are both similar to and different from you. 

Professionally, employers regularly say they are looking for applicants who have the self-awareness and communication skills to work in diverse, dynamic teams. However, those same employers also claim that these are the skills that are most lacking in job applicants. 

On the personal level, people are lonelier now than ever before, a fact that is largely attributed to a decline in people’s abilities to connect with others. These feelings of loneliness can lead to a range of negative life outcomes, including declines in physical and mental health. 

Completing the graduate certificate in applied helping skills will prepare students in these personally and professional important skills. In particular, after completing the certificate, graduates will:

  • Increase their abilities to understand diverse perspectives and to effectively interact with others
  • Enhance their communication, helping skills, and leadership abilities
  • Explore how their skills can be applied to vocational settings and interpersonal interactions.

This residential program has rolling admission. Applications must be fully complete and submitted (including all required materials) and all application fees paid prior to the deadline in order for applications to be considered and reviewed. For a list of all required materials for this program application, please see the “Admissions” tab below.

Application Deadlines

  • July 1 is the deadline for Fall applications.
  • November 15 is the deadline for Spring applications.



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Total number of credit hours required: 12

  • Required courses—students must take ALL of the following:
    • EDPS 600: Counseling Theories and Techniques
    • EDPS 601: Counseling Theories and Techniques Laboratory
    • EDPS 507: Counseling Multicultural and Diverse Populations
  • Elective courses—Students should select ONE of the following:
    • EDPS 500: Group Counseling Theories and Techniques
    • EDPS 505: Foundations of Career Development and Assessment
    • EDPS 625: Human Growth and Development
Course Offerings
Fall Semester Spring Semester
EDPS 600 EDPS 507
EDPS 601 EDPS 500
EDPS 505 EDPS 625

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