Boilermaker Track to Teaching (BTT)

Giving current undergraduates a clear and quick path to teacher licensure

The Boilermaker Track to Teaching (BTT) program gives current undergraduates an additional career option – a clear and quick path to teacher licensure. It is designed for juniors or seniors just deciding on this career path or for students in programs without a current Teacher Education option.

Boilermaker Track to Teaching is open to almost all majors on campus

BTT puts students on a path to an Indiana Secondary (middle and high school) teaching license. The program will not delay undergraduate time-to-degree and could be combined with Degree in Three plans. Think of this as a 4+1 or 3+1 option for an additional professional credential.

How does Boilermaker Track to Teaching work?

Students can get a jump start on the Transition to Teaching (TTT) program by taking at least two of the required classes during their undergraduate studies. Then, upon graduation and admission to the TTT program, candidates can finish the remainder of their coursework in the following year (see “Licensure Year” below). It is possible for candidates to teach full-time in Indiana on a Transition to Teaching (T2T) permit during the Licensure Year at the arrangement of the candidate and hiring school. Coursework for the program is available entirely online, so students can choose where to work and live while completing the program so long as their teaching internship takes place in an accredited school. It is also possible to dovetail the coursework for the program with a master’s degree from Purdue.

By providing this program, Purdue’s College of Education is addressing the teacher shortage and providing an additional career option for all Boilermakers.

Boilermaker Track to Teaching provides an option to undergraduate students who may have decided later in their college plans to switch to a teaching major and keeps them on track to graduate in four years.

If you have questions about whether BTT program is the right fit for you, please talk to your academic advisor and/or contact our Transition to Teaching team.




  • Enroll in EDCI 596, Pedagogy I




  • Enroll in Pedagogy II and other required coursework


  • Student Teach
  • Prepare documents for your Indiana Teaching License

“I am grateful that I found out about the TTT program so that I didn’t have to start all over again in college, five years post-graduation. I cannot imagine ever leaving this profession.”

~ Andi Hipsher, a West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School teacher of earth/space science and AP environmental science

“The program will not delay undergraduate time to degree and can be combined with existing Degree in 3 plans. Think of this as a 4+1 or 3+1 option for an additional professional credential.”

~ Jennifer Barce, Assistant Dean for Teacher Education, Purdue University College of Education