Graduate Application Helpful Tips

Each section below provides detailed, helpful information regarding the process of starting, filling out, and submitting the graduate application for College of Education graduate programs.

We encourage applicants to note that each program offered in the College of Education is unique:

  • Many programs offer admission consideration and start every term (fall, spring, and summer) with rolling admission consideration. A few programs have specific starting terms (for example, some programs may only offer a fall start).
  • Application deadlines vary from program to program.
  • Not all sections of the graduate application and/or additional materials may be required for each program.

Before Applying:

To view start terms offered, application deadlines, and required materials for a particular program, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the College of Education Graduate Programs webpage,
  2. Select the specific program of interest, and
  3. Scroll down that program website and and select the “Admissions” tab.

If you have any questions during the application process, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at for assistance.

Share information that will help reviewers understand your academic interests and objectives, assess your academic background, preparation, and training, and determine if you are a good match for the program to which you are applying. More information about the Academic Statement of Purpose requirement for degree-seeking applicants can be found on the Purdue Graduate School website.

Help reviewers learn more about you as a whole person and as a potential graduate student. This may include relevant details on community service, leadership roles, participation in diverse teams, and significant barriers that you overcame to attend graduate school. More information about the Personal History Statement requirement for degree-seeking applicants can be found on the Purdue Graduate School website.

Your resume should provide the admissions committee with more information than what’s included in the application and focus on what they need to know to better evaluate your admission. A graduate resume is different than a job search resume. Job search resumes are designed to get you an interview; graduate school resumes are designed to enhance your application and provide yet another opportunity to sell yourself. Here are a few other helpful tips:

  • The resume is not limited to one page in length (two pages is fine, though contact info must be on both pages).
  • Separate your work and non-work experiences into different sections
  • Include all your experiences – not just the ones targeting a specific job
  • Some of the most commonly included categories in a graduate school resume are:
    • Objective
    • Education
    • Academic Experience/Highlights
    • Employment
    • Volunteer, Community, and/or Extra-Curricular Involvement
    • Certifications/Professional Development
  • For non-licensure programs – unofficial transcripts may be accepted for admission consideration, although official transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution prior to the third semester in order to continue enrollment, per the policy of the Purdue Graduate School
  • For licensure programs – official transcripts are required for admission consideration

Tips for Submitting Official Transcripts:

  • An official transcript is defined as a transcript that is sent directly from the issuing institution to the Purdue Graduate School.
  • Official transcripts should be requested to be sent directly from the issuing institution to the Purdue Graduate School or If possible, please select Attn: “Grad School.”

Tips for uploading Unofficial transcripts to the application portal:

  • Any transcript uploaded by the applicant is considered unofficial.
  • Social Security numbers must be marked out before any document is uploaded.
  • If degree/date awarded not listed on transcript, a copy of the original diploma must be made and verified by one of the following: the institution that issued the diploma, the employer, an official such as a lawyer (notarized), or an upper-level financial institution employee (notarized). The verifier must write “This is a true original copy of the diploma for (applicant’s full name)” on the copy, and include their name, title, phone, and email address on the copy. The copy cannot be faxed or sent over email; it must be mailed to the graduate program.

Tips for Transcripts from Institutions Outside of the U.S.:

  • View the Purdue Graduate School website for documents required by country to determine which documents are required.
  • Credential evaluation reports will not be accepted by the graduate school. Official transcripts and/or diplomas must be submitted to the Graduate School.
  • Credential evaluation reports may be required for the Office of Teacher Education and Licensure to complete the Transcript Evaluation and Credential Review if applying to a licensure program. The Indiana Department of Education requires an official evaluation of Foreign Studies from a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. Please contact for more information. For a list of members, go to Please send the original report to OTEL at .

The Purdue Graduate School website provides more information regarding uploading transcripts.

The best letters to submit are those from former or current employers, co-workers, colleagues, tutors, and other mentors. Never ask family members or close friends. You will have the opportunity to have your recommenders submit an online recommendation by entering their email within the application. The Purdue Graduate School website provides more information about references.

International degree-seeking applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit proof of English proficiency.  View the Purdue Graduate School’s accepted tests and minimum score requirements. The Graduate School will routinely waive the English proficiency requirement for applicants who have received a degree within the last 3 years from a school where English is the primary language of instruction in one of the recognized English-speaking countries. Note: If you have not done so already, request that ETS send your scores electronically to the Purdue University West Lafayette campus using code 1631.