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Steven C. Beering Hall of Liberal Arts and Education 100 N. University Street West Lafayette Indiana 47907-2098 BRNG 5164 Work Phone: (765) 494-0837 Website: Vita

Heather Servaty-Seib

Professor Counseling PsychologyEducational Studies

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Heather L. Servaty-Seib leads the grief and loss research team, which aims to conduct research that will assist society (e.g., service professionals, friends, family) in gaining a better understanding of the idiosyncratic experiences of grieving individuals. It is important to note that the team defines loss in a broad way (Harvey, 2001; Murray, 2015). Loss is a construct that traditionally applies to death losses, but can also be applied to many other challenging life experiences (e.g., college graduation, educational transition, divorce and romantic breakups). Grief, therefore, entails the multidimensional responses individuals experience following death and non-death losses (Corr & Corr , 2007).

Within this focus on grief, the team’s current empirical work is targeted toward addressing the interpersonal challenges faced by grieving individuals; including the interpersonal and communication distance/gap that often exists between grieving individuals and society.

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