The College of Education Office of Advising & Recruiting is staffed by professional advisors who are committed to supporting each student in developing and implementing an individualized plan for academic success and career development.

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Your advisor will be available to assist you academically and personally during your college years. You will have a conference with your advisor before you register for classes each semester. Your advisor can give you advice about courses, majors, and job options.

They can also help you with various issues that you might encounter during your time at Purdue, like meeting teacher licensure requirements, transferring to Purdue, or joining an Honors Program. Whether you are a prospective student or one already enrolled in the university, you are welcome to write to, or visit, the College of Education Office of Advising & Recruiting.

Change of Degree Objective (CODO)

Students wishing to switch (CODO) into the College of Education are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss degree options and requirements. Appointments may be made by calling the Office of Advising & Recruiting. Specific CODO requirements and options can be found on the change of degree page.


Office of Advising & Recruiting

Beering Hall, Room 3229
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Voice: (765) 494-2345
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