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Why did you choose the College of Education to help you become a teacher?

Mason Atha,
Math Education

“I’m very passionate about helping kids to learn.”

Kat Mueller,
Social Studies Education

“What I like about student teaching is the excitement of my students every day when I come into the classroom.”

Hayden Peffer,
Elementary Education

“I want to be a role model and a source of inspiration for the young people in my classroom that may not get a positive male role model outside of the school system.”

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Teacher Education and Licensure

Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) is a distinct and unique admission process, separate from admission to Purdue University. In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree in education, graduates who want to teach in Indiana must also be licensed. The College of Education’s Office of Teacher Education Licensure exists to help you navigate this process.

Alternative Pathways to Licensure


A small college family in a Big Ten university.

A small-college vibe with access to the energy and resources of a Big Ten university: That’s what Purdue’s College of Education provides for students. With more than 20 licensure areas that guide students toward teacher licensure in Indiana (and most other states) and hands-on experience in actual P-12 classrooms every semester until graduation, Purdue’s COE is leading the way in preparing tomorrow’s teachers.

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