Teacher Education Program and Licensure Information

Undergraduate Students

Passionate about becoming a teacher?

The Teacher Education Program (TEP) at Purdue University encompasses all policies, procedures, and components necessary in developing tomorrow’s educators. Purdue’s Teacher Education Program prepares and supports future teachers by implementing a comprehensive and research-based curriculum developed and taught by exceptional faculty and clinicians, working to build lasting relationships with Academic Advisors to better develop and apply individual plans for success, and collaborating with the Office of Clinical Practice (OCP) to arrange multiple field experiences in diverse communities and school-based settings. Once admitted to TEP, the Office of Teacher Education and Licensure (OTEL) Licensing Advisors/Officers will continuously monitor your progress each semester to assist in your academic growth and eventual professional credentialing. Teacher Education Program completers are confident in their delivery of content and pedological knowledge and in their ability to demonstrate instructional skills that are adaptable to the diverse needs of all learners.

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To find out more about applying to the Teacher Education Program and content specific coursework and criteria, visit the Undergraduate Licensure Programs page. For more information see these additional resources:

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General licensure inquiries and questions can be sent to licensure@purdue.edu.