Honors Contracts

As a College of Education student who is also a student in the Honors College, you have the opportunity to work with a College of Education faculty member on a customized experience through an Honors Contract. An Honors Contract allows you to take an existing course for Honors credit.  A course taken with an Honors contract will involve additional work and/or alternative work. 

Before You Start

Prior to determining your intent to enter into an Honors contract in a specific course, you and the faculty member teaching the course for which you wish to have an Honors Contract, should carefully review the Honors contract expectations, paying particular attention to pages 4 and 5 of the document.

Once you and the faculty course instructor determine that an Honors contract is what you want, you will work directly with that instructor to determine and agree on the experiences that will comprise your Honors Contract and your instructor will provide a revised Honors course syllabus denoting the work that is expected through the Honors contract. Students should expect to produce work of elevated quality that goes beyond the expectations of the regular course syllabus and that are consistent with the Honors College pillars. An Honors contract should also include plans for meeting regularly throughout the semester with your instructor.

Submitting Your Honors Contract for Approval

Students interested in taking a College of Education course with an Honors contract during the semester must complete the COE Honors Contracting Student Form and request a Grade Mode ChangeStudents must submit all Honors Grade Mode Requests and accompanying documents by the H (Honors) Grade Mode deadline at 11:59PM per the Office of the Registrar Add/Modify Deadline CalendarYou will need to complete the Student Form for each course you plan to contract, including the standard course syllabus and a revised honors syllabus showing the honors project description along with the modified honors grading scale. These materials will be required to complete the COE Honors Contracting Student Form by the deadline listed above. Work with your faculty instructors to get the necessary syllabi in a timely manner.

Note: COE Honors Contracts do not require hard copies of the Form 23 or the Honors Contract Form because our online process replaces those for this purpose. However other colleges may require hard copies of the paperwork. To be sure of the process you need to follow, please contact the respective college’s honors liaison prior to getting started. You can find the contact information for honors liaisons by college on the second page of the  Honors Contract Overview Procedures and Form.

For questions about honors contracting for College of Education courses, please contact your advisor or email Dr. Kathryn Obenchain at kobench@purdue.edu.