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Do you have a bachelor’s degree or higher and want to teach? Consider our Transition to Teaching program!

The Transition to Teaching licensure program is based on the premise that you already have subject matter expertise and focuses on teaching you how to teach it. This 18-credit program supports your development as an effective teacher and provides a pathway for initial licensure in Indiana in your content area. It is a fast-paced mechanism for people ready for a career change or for teachers on emergency permits to earn full credentials. Purdue offers both fully online and residential options for secondary (grades 5-12) teachers.

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Online vs. Residential

You will receive the same Purdue quality and qualify for the same Indiana teaching license upon successful completion regardless of which program you choose. However, each program has distinguishing features. Aside from the obvious—the courses for the online program are exclusively online, whereas the residential courses take place face-to-face on the West Lafayette campus—the classes themselves are different. The residential coursework includes more classes that are content specific; for example, if you want to become an English language arts teacher, you’ll take more classes with other prospective English teachers in how to teach English. You will also have a faculty advisor in your content area. The online courses, on the other hand, are not content specific; you’ll learn how to teach in a cohort of prospective teachers across content areas. An advantage of the online program is that we are able to serve a wider array of secondary content areas. The fee structure for both programs is comparable, depending on factors such as full- or part-time status and residency status.

Time to Completion

Whether you choose the online or residential program, the timeline to completion could be as short as 12 months if you begin in the summer and take, on average, two courses per term. The summer start is necessary for this configuration because the program concludes with your full-time teaching internship, which is only available in fall and spring semesters. Students starting in the fall or spring typically take 18 months to complete program requirements.

Alternative Special Education Licensure Programs

Special Education is not part of the TTT program, but does have licensure only programs.

  • Special Education Non-degree, Intense Invention (Licensure Only) Distance Only
  • Special Education Non-degree, Mild Intervention (Licensure Only Distance Only

*The mild initial is required to apply for the intensive initial licensure program.



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This program leads to an Indiana Instructional Initial Practitioner license. Contact the College of Education Office of Teacher Education and Licensure (OTEL) at before continuing with program application if you have any questions about how this transfers to your state.

Please visit the Graduate Licensure Program page for information about license eligibility requirements.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Secondary TTT Program, you must meet ONE of the following entrance qualifications:

  1. A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent with a grade point average of at least three (3.0) on a four (4.0) point scale from an accredited post-secondary educational institution in the subject area that the individual intends to teach. (Coursework may not be taken or repeated after earning the degree to raise the overall GPA.)
  2. A graduate degree from an accredited post-secondary educational institution in the subject area or a related field that the individual intends to teach.
  3. Both a bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary educational institution with a grade point average of at least two and five-tenths (2.5) on a four (4.0) point scale, and five (5) years professional experience in the subject or a related area that the individual intends to teach.
  4. Both a bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary educational institution and proof that the individual has passed the state approved content area examination in the subject area that the individual intends to teach.*

*Applicants who are eligible for the TTT program via pathway #4 must pass the Praxis content exam for their desired content area prior to admission. Bear this in mind when planning your starting semester.

Transcript Evaluation and Credential Review

The Office of Teacher Education and Licensure will conduct a Transcript Evaluation and Credentials Review (TECR) to verify your eligibility and outline program and licensure requirements for your desired content area.  Requesting a TECR is an important first step in admission to the TTT program. If you have not had any communication regarding your transcript evaluation after two weeks, please follow up with Office of Teacher Education Licensure at to check the status of your TECR.

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Stephen Smith, M.S.Ed.
Secondary Education Coordinator

Chea Parton, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor and Transition to Teaching Coordinator

Office of Teacher Education and Licensure
Phone: 765-494-2345