Change of Degree Objective

Current Purdue Students

Current Purdue students wishing to CODO to the College of Education will need to first meet with their current academic advisor to initiate the online process. They will begin to receive email notices tracking the progress. When official approval has been made, they will receive an email notice requesting them to accept the change in major. Upon acceptance, an academic advisor from the College of Education will reach out to set an appointment to discuss teacher licensure requirements, course recommendations and potential job options.

If you have additional questions about the programs offered in the College of Education, please call (765) 494-2345 to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

Transfer Students

For students wishing to transfer into Purdue, the College of Education Office of Advising & Recruiting is staffed with professional academic advisors who are committed to supporting each student in developing and implementing an individualized plan for academic success and career development.

We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss the possibilities of continuing your education in the College of Education at Purdue University. Please contact us at (765) 494-2345 or email to set up an appointment to meet with one of our academic advisors.

Change of Degree Objective Requirements

For Majors:

Minimum Semesters: 1

Minimum Hours: 12

Overall Minimum GPA (Number of Purdue GPA hours):

For Elementary Education, General Education, and Special Education Majors:

  • 12-29 credit hours: 2.50
  • 30-59 credit hours: 2.70
  • 60-89 credit hours: 2.75
  • 90 or more credit hours: 2.80

For Social Studies Education Majors:

  • 12-29 credit hours: 2.70
  • 30-59 credit hours: 2.85
  • 60-89 credit hours: 2.90
  • 90 or more credit hours: 3.00

If completed prior to CODO:

  • English composition requirement completed with a grade of “C-” or higher
  • Have a “B” average with no grade lower than a “C-” in completed education course(s)