Program Coordinator Council


The Program Coordinator Council (PCC) is a collaborative and advisory body to the Teacher Education Council (TEC). The PCC is comprised of the leaders of all initial and advanced teacher licensure programs at Purdue.

The purposes of the Program Coordinator Council are:

  • To encourage and support teacher education programs at Purdue
  • To discuss common issues affecting teacher education at Purdue
  • To provide support for the accreditation of teacher education at Purdue
  • To encourage networking, collaboration and professional development among teacher education program faculty and staff
  • To serve as an advisory body to the TEC and provide recommendations as needed

The council meets monthly (approximately) during the academic year (September-April) at the discretion of the chair.

Each spring, the members of the Program Coordinator Council will elect two of its members to serve staggered terms as representatives of the Program Coordinator Council to the TEC. One of these individuals also will serve a two year term on the TEC Executive Committee (TECXC) as an ex-officio member (usually the representative in year two of his or her term).

The Associate Dean for Learning chairs the Program Coordinator Council. The Assistant Dean for Teacher Education and the Director of the Office of Strategic Assessment serve as ex-officio members.