K-12 Integrated STEM Education Graduate Certificate (Online)



The K-12 Integrated STEM Education Grad Certificate allows students to advance their understanding of integrated STEM education approaches, learn how to design curriculum materials for integrated STEM education, and teach their disciplines using integrated STEM approaches.

This fifteen (15) credit program can be taken over three semesters.  Students will be provided with a conceptual understanding of integrated K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and the philosophical underpinnings/nature of the disciplines of STEM.

What makes for a successful STEM teacher in education?

Purdue specific outcomes and program highlights: 

  • Distinguish yourself in the education industry with a superior credential from an institution with worldwide recognition and impact.
  • Learn tools & highly relevant techniques for integrating STEM in K-12 schools.
  • Advance and network with an experienced and motivated peer group for mutual support, team exercises, and enhanced learning.

Purdue quality. Flexible schedule.

Online students enjoy the same rigorous academic programs as on-campus students, but with a much more flexible class schedule. Assignments, discussions, and other coursework are posted each week in the virtual classroom. For those interested in the on-campus program, please see K-12 Integrated STEM Graduate Certificate (Residential).

Courses are eight weeks long and 100% online. 

Purdue University believes in stackable credentials.  Complete the K-12 Integrated STEM Graduate Certificate on the way to completing the MS Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Integrated STEM (Online).

Purdue University is excited to partner with the Center for Leadership Learning (CELL) to offer tuition assistance through the STEM Teach program. Participants will need to first apply for the STEM Teach program before applying for university admission.

To find out more about this fully funded program for IN teachers, visit the STEM Teach program website.



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This program does not lead to licensure in the state of Indiana or elsewhere. Contact the College of Education Office of Teacher Education and Licensure (OTEL) at licensure@purdue.edu before continuing with program application if you have questions regarding licensure or contact your state Department of Education about how this program may translate to licensure in your state of residence.

Career Outlook

STEM careers have the potential to engage students in critical thinking, problem solving, practical literacy, creativity, and much more, every day. This engagement in turn helps students find careers that are interesting, challenging, and productive.

STEM education includes the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Teachers deliver STEM education across all grade levels, from preschools to post-doctorate, in a wide range of settings that include traditional classrooms, distance learning, and informal non-credit programs.

Job Titles

  • K-12 STEM Teacher
  • Technology Teacher
  • Computer Science Teacher
  • High School Pre-engineering Teacher
  • Math Teacher
  • Algebra Teacher
  • Geometry Teacher
  • Science Teacher
  • Biology Teacher
  • Physics Teacher
  • Life Science Teacher
  • Chemistry Teacher
  • High School Teacher

Let this program give you the credentials and the experience to make your own future bright.

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