Licensure Requirements and Application Procedures

Undergraduate Students

Requirements for an Initial Instructional License in Indiana

Undergraduate candidates interested in obtaining an Initial Instructional License in Indiana are required to complete:

Refer to the Licensure Checklist (Spring 2024) for an initial Indiana Instructional license to ensure you have met all requirements before applying.

Licensure Program completers will receive an Indiana Initial Instructional license under Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability (REPA 3). Licensure actions are legally binding and vary by licensing types, statutes, patterns, and rules within Indiana. Licensing Advisors/Officers and the OTEL team will serve as your liaison between Purdue University, the Indiana Department of Education, as well as other state, national, and international licensure boards and agencies.

Curious about what exactly you will be qualified/licensed to teach? Learn more via the Indiana Assignment Code. The Assignment Code is a document used by administrators and educators to determine the appropriate license for a teaching, administrative or school services assignment in an Indiana accredited school. Still not sure what classes or grade levels you are licensed to teach? Contact the Office of Teacher Education and Licensure (OTEL) for further clarification.

Applying for Your Initial License

Initial Instructional candidates will be invited to attend a Teacher Licensing meeting during their final student teaching semester. Assistance will be given on the application process. Information regarding licensure can also be referenced on Brightspace.

Undergraduate level candidates are to apply for their license after program completion and your degree has been conferred on your academic record, e.g. transcript. Licenses will not be issued prior to program completion/graduation. You will complete the LVIS application for the appropriate license, list the licensure area(s), and select Purdue University as the recommending institution.

Questions regarding licensure requirements and the application process can be answered via the Office of Teacher Education and Licensure. Get more information about applying for your teaching license from the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE).

How long will it take to receive my license?

Purdue will make the recommendation for licensing after all coursework, grades and/or the degree have posted to the Purdue transcript, all content and pedagogy exams are passed, all other requirements listed above are satisfied, and exit audit has been completed. This can take four to six weeks after your degree has posted to your transcript. Once the recommendation has been made by Purdue, the candidate will receive an email from the LVIS system. The license can then be downloaded and printed from the applicant’s LVIS account. Candidates will receive an Indiana Initial Instructional license under REPA 3. REPA 3 refers to the current licensing pattern, and stands for Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability 3.

Teaching Out of State

Not planning to stay in Indiana? Learn more about obtaining licensure out of state here.