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Amplify the effectiveness of your teaching with the online English Language Learners Licensure Program from Purdue University. It’s a fast-paced way for you to broaden your professional skillset and gives you confidence to meet your students’ needs.

The English Language Learner Licensure Program Graduate provides teachers with the professional preparation to assist English language learners in developing their English language and academic skills in K through grade 12. This program provides a path for certified Indiana educators who wish to earn the add-on license in English Language Learning (ELL).

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Online students enjoy the same rigorous academic programs as on-campus students, but with a much more flexible class schedule. Assignments, discussions, and other coursework are posted each week in the virtual classroom.

The English Language Learners Licensure Program consists of five 3- credit hour courses.  This can be completed in a year for students staying on track and with acceptable grades.

Purdue University believes in stackable credentials.  The ELL Program provides a pathway to the  Dual Language Bilingual Education Graduate Certificate with just two additional classes or the MS in Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in English Language Learning.  Once you complete the licensure program only 18 credit hours are needed to complete the masters.



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This program leads to an addition to an existing Indiana Instructional license. Applicants must possess a valid Indiana Instructional license for program admission. Non-Indiana applicants are not guaranteed licensure in Indiana or any other state. Contact the College of Education Office of Teacher Education and Licensure (OTEL) at licensure@purdue.edu before continuing with program application if you have questions about licensure. For those not seeking licensure, the Teaching English Language Learners Graduate Certificate consists of the same courses, but does not lead to Indiana licensure.

Please visit the Graduate Licensure Program page for information about license eligibility requirements.

Program Overview

Applicants with a Valid Indiana Teaching License

The ELL Graduate Licensure Program uses an online delivery format of five courses. Each course that is offered during the academic year is 8 weeks long; this means that two courses are offered consecutively each semester. Additionally, one course is offered during the summer. Each course requires students to complete field experiences in a K-12 classroom that enrolls English Language Learners. Course substitutions are not permitted.

There is a three-year time limit for completion of the ELL Graduate Licensure Program. This three-year time limit begins with the semester when the first required course is taken. Program completion includes: (a) completion of all course work with a passing grade, (b) completion fulfillment of the e-portfolio requirement for the program, and (c) completion of the state’s content specialty test. A student who receives a grade of “D” or “F” in a licensure course may retake the course one time only; this does not change the 3-year time limit for completion of all licensure requirements. The P/NP option is not available.

The ELL license issued through Purdue University constitutes an addition to an existing instructional license; not a stand-alone teaching license. In order to be eligible for ELL licensure through Purdue University, applicants must possess a valid instructional license issued by the State of Indiana. Non-Indiana applicants are not guaranteed licensure in Indiana or any other state. State licensing rules and standards are always subject to change and as such, Purdue University is unable to safeguard that the ELL program will satisfy non-Indiana teacher licensing standards and rules.

To be as proactive as possible, all ELL licensure-seeking students require a transcript evaluation and credential review from the Office of Teacher Education and Licensure to verify possession of an official instructional license. Upon review, any applicant who does not hold a valid Indiana elementary, exceptional needs, or secondary instructional license will be required to submit written confirmation, on letterhead, from their state education agency verifying that completion of Purdue’s ELL Graduate Licensure Program will satisfy the student’s individual non-Indiana license configuration within the three-year timeline of the program.

This verification must be received by the end of the semester during which the student’s course work for the ELL Graduate Licensure Program is completed. If confirmation is not received, Purdue University will be unable to verify completion of the program for licensing purposes to any state-based educational agency, school district, or hiring agent. In the absence of a license, the student’s participation in the ELL program is solely defined as professional development and will not constitute teacher licensure.

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