English Language Learning

Purdue offers two main applications of study in English Language Learning:

ELL Licensure

The English Language Learning (ELL) Graduate Licensure Program provides teachers with the professional preparation to assist English language learners in developing their English language and academic skills in grades K-12.

  • Who it’s for: Individuals who currently hold an Indiana-based teaching license.
  • What it will do: Allow an individual to add the English Language Learning credential to their existing Indiana-based teaching license, through course completion and state testing.
  • **Students enrolled in an undergraduate program at Purdue can get started on the ELL Licensure program late in their sophomore year.

TELL Certificate

The Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) K-12 Certificate provides students with a background in working with English Language Learners K-12. The certificate does not constitute a teaching license.

  • Who it’s for: Individuals who want to earn a Graduate Certificate in English Language Learning.
  • What it will do: Bolster an individual’s understanding of working with K-12 English Language Learners while resulting in a marketable, graduate-level certificate.


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Other Program Options

Indiana Teacher of Record (TOR) Requirement

The College of Education provides a fully online English Language development course to satisfy this new requirement. It can be completed in as short as 8 weeks to ensure you and your other educators are in compliance with new IDOE standards.

Do more with your English Language Learning Education!

During or after completion of the ELL Licensure or TELL Certificate program, you have the option to matriculate into a Graduate Certificate program in Bilingual Education. Your ELL Licensure or TELL Certificate program, combined with the Dual Language Bilingual Education (DLBE) courses, will result in 21 credit hours, roughly 2/3 of a full Master’s degree in Education.

Or you can matriculate straight into one of the following Master’s in Education degree programs. Your ELL courses will be incorporated as a concentration of your MSED curriculum.

If you are already enrolled in an MSED degree program, you may be able to add the ELL Licensure or TELL Certificate as a concentration and additional credential.

Enrollment requests need to take place during the semester before the enrollment is intended to begin; however, students cannot apply for more than one enrollment at a time for a given semester. Therefore, the following conditions apply: You must begin at least the first semester of your original enrollment and then you may apply for the second enrollment; the second enrollment will go into effect starting with your second semester. However, you are not limited to requesting a second enrollment at that exact time – you may do so at any time through most of the length of your original enrollment. Your last opportunity to request a second enrollment will be the next-to-last semester of the original enrollment. If you wait until your last semester, the second enrollment won’t go into effect until the following semester, after you’ve graduated from that original enrollment. Dual enrollment requests cannot be applied retroactively.

The process of applying for a second enrollment will involve completion of a Dual Degree Request form and possible application in Slate. Please consult with your advisor or program faculty for instructions.

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