Global Engagement

Study Abroad

Learning doesn’t have to take place in the classroom.

Explore the world and develop a global world view through our study abroad programs. Twenty-seven percent of our students choose to study abroad. Through our programs, you will:

See the world
Explore culture and history

Spend time in schools
Learn about education around the world

Earn credit
Get up to nine credit hours

Get a minor
Earn credit toward a minor in global studies

Why would an Education student want to study abroad?

Listen to Paige Fulkerson’s experience at Leiden University on this recent Student Voices podcast.

Visiting International Scholars

Each year, the College of Education and its faculty graciously host a number of talented visiting international scholars who spend a semester or an entire year with us. These scholars pursue a variety of research interests, often in collaboration with College of Education faculty. The knowledge gained and generated by these scholars and the collaborations benefit our College, Purdue University, each scholar’s home institution and nation. We are privileged that these international visiting scholars have chosen to make the College of Education at Purdue University their home base for their work.

Study abroad in Cambodia and Hondouras.