Hogue’s education program receives funding from UGWL for the summer

The Purdue CDF Freedom Schools® Program received Sarah Rounds Price Equity funding from the United Way of Greater Lafayette (UGWL) in March. Headed by Breanya Hogue, assistant professor of Literacy & Language Education in the College’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the program is part of the College’s Center for Literacy and Language Education and Research (CL2EAR).

The Purdue CDF Freedom Schools® Program is part of the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Black Community Crusade for Children, a nationally recognized-and research-based, multicultural, six-week literacy program. The program offers K-12 students and their families’ education through five essential components: high-quality academic and character-building enrichment; parent and family involvement; civic engagement and social action; intergenerational servant leadership development; and nutrition, health, and mental health.

Breanya Hogue
Breanya Hogue

“It is truly an honor!” Hogue said in response to receiving the grant. “This was our first external grant award and it showed that they support the College of Education’s efforts to collaborate with local partners.”

According to Hogue, the Purdue program will “provide summer literacy programming to 30 children from disadvantaged and/or underrepresented backgrounds.” Hogue says that the program will benefit parents/guardians and local pre-service teachers (PSTs). Parents and guardians will receive resources and engagement opportunities through the program, while graduate students and PSTs gain learning and experience.

According to Jennifer Million, chief operating officer of UWGL, “We really liked the program as it was described and feels like it’s a good fit both for United Way and the [Sarah Rounds Price Equity] Fund.” Million added that UGWL is looking forward to the results of this summer’s program.

This summer, the program will serve Lafayette’s Klondike community. First United Methodist Church West Lafayette is currently partnering with the Freedom Schools® program to offer after-school tutoring and will continue to offer transportation for the summer program as it has already been doing.

“I would like to acknowledge the program’s executive director, Rev. Duane Carlisle of the First United Methodist Church West Lafayette, and the faculty, staff, and graduate students that have already assisted with preliminary preparations and planning,” Hogue said.

Carlisle heard about the Freedom Schools program from one of his congregation members and a Purdue student. “I…was really excited to see that its goals aligned with First Church’s values in which we strive to make the world a better place through service and social action,” said Carlisle.

Rev. Carlisle is equally grateful for the collaboration with Hogue’s program. “Being a part of the [CDF] Freedom School’s family makes visible our thread in that network that makes us a part of the single garment of destiny,” said Carlisle. “It is my hope that through working together, we can strengthen the fabric of that garment.”

Official program dates for the Purdue CDF Freedom Schools® Program are June 12-July 21, 2023, and will be held at the First United Methodist Church West Lafayette. The program will provide a summer literacy opportunity to 30 K-3rd grade children and families of the greater West Lafayette community, at no cost.

Purdue’s CDF Freedom Schools® Program expects to expand in the summer of 2024 with two additional sites. According to Hogue, the expansion will cost at least $115,632. This will fund books, activities, curriculum, and food for at least 60 K-3rd grade students and will require seven staff. Hogue says that there are several potential sites in the greater Lafayette community that would be great partners as their missions align with CDF’s Freedom Schools Program. She is currently reaching out to collaborate with these organizations and hopefully they will agree to function as partner sites in summer 2024 to service more children and families.

Source: Breanya Hogue, PurdueFreedomSchools@purdue.edu

Program and enrollment information: Purdue CDF Freedom School Program

Writer: Rebekah Demoss, rdemoss@purdue.edu