Purdue University Psychometric Investigation Lab (PUPIL)

The Psychometric Investigation Lab (PUPIL) scholarly community offers consultation about educational assessment, data analytics, and research design.

Our Services

Mission: Foster statistics and data science communications among social and behavioral sciences researchers

We offer help with:

  • Method Advising
  • Statistical Software (Winsteps, R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Mplus, HLM, Python)
  • Instrument Validation/Revision
  • Experimental/ Quasi-experimental Design

Meet our Team Members

Led by: Prof. Hua-hua Chang, Prof. Anne Traynor, Prof. Yukiko Maeda

Xiyu Wang

Xiyu Wang

Principal Consultant, Third-Year Doctoral Student in Educational Psychology and Research Methodology (EDPS)

Expertise: multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, item response theory, factor analysis, other latent variable models

Software: R, SAS, HLM, Python and Mplus

Yuanfang Liu

Yuanfing Liu

Data Science Consultant, Ross-Lynn Post Doctoral Scholar

Expertise: psychometrics and data science methods for educational and psychological research, such as latent variable modeling, multilevel modeling, Bayesian inferences, structural equation model trees, and survival data analysis

Software: R, Mplus, SAS, SPSS, Stata, and Python

Jing Huang

Jing Huang

Data Science Consultant, First-Year Doctoral Student in EDPS

Expertise: statistical modeling, machine learning, and the assessment of cognitive abilities and educational outcomes

Software: R, flexMIRT, Mplus

Xiuxiu Tang

Xiuxiu Tang

Volunteer Consultant, Fifth-Year Doctoral Student in EDPS

Expertise: Data analysis design for potential grant-writers, AI applications in education, such as computerized adaptive testing, cognitive diagnosis, and advanced psychometric methods in STEM applications

Software: R, SPSS, Mplus, Python, SAS

Yuxiao Zhang

Yuxiao Zhang

Volunteer Consultant, Third-Year Doctoral Student in EDPS

Expertise: latent variable modeling (e.g., cognitive diagnostic modeling, latent class analysis, structural equation modeling), multilevel modeling, and topic modeling

Software: Winsteps, R, R Markdown, SPSS, Mplus, Python, SAS

  • Educational data analytics workshop series
  • Consulting for local school districts, research and evaluation organizations, and international education agencies  (sliding fee scale)
  • Plus, EDPS 632 Advanced Methodology seminar courses, and a graduate certificate