Licensed Educators

Renewing Your Teaching License

You should not apply for your renewal more than 45 days prior to the expiration date.  If you do let your license expire, there is no penalty.  However, the license will not be renewed until the renewal requirements have been met.  The renewal requirements will be effective from the date of issuance to the date of renewal.

You will complete a profile, an application, and pay for the application through the Indiana Department of Education’s online Licensing Verification and Information System (LVIS).

For educators who are employed in a state-accredited P-12 school setting: All licenses that are valid on the first day of the academic school year shall be considered valid for the duration of that academic school year.

All license renewal applicants must upload to the LVIS application a valid CPR/Heimlich Maneuver/AED certification card or certificate as part of the application process. See approved CPR/AED/Heimlich training programs.

Initial Practitioner License

An Initial Practitioner license has a validity of two (2) years. You must renew this license if you do not have two (2) years of fulltime teaching experience at an accredited school. Substitute teaching cannot be considered as fulltime experience. If you have two (2) or more years of fulltime teaching at an accredited school, you will want to Convert your license instead of renewing.

Renewing with Coursework

To renew a 5-year (Practitioner) or 10-year (Proficient Practitioner) license, applicants may choose to complete six (6) hours of college coursework. Approved renewal coursework may include education courses and/or courses taken in one or more areas on the teaching license. Courses used for license renewal must be from a regionally accredited institution and must have been earned after the issue date of the license you are trying to renew. Renewal courses earned out-of-state do not need to be pre-approved if the coursework is earned in professional education or in one or more of the licensing areas. Renewal coursework may be either at graduate or the undergraduate level. However, if you hold an administrative license or a school services personnel license, graduate coursework is strongly encouraged.

Renewing with a Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

A Professional Growth Plan (PGP) is the record of one’s professional growth/development. In addition to classroom responsibilities, educators attend conferences and workshops, participate in committee work and school improvement plans, as well as take coursework to remain current on educational reforms and trends. Many of these activities can be included in one’s PGP. PGPs must be verified by the Indiana Department of Education prior to beginning an application in LVIS.

  1. A 90-point PGP is required for the following:
    • Renewal of a 5- or 10-year professional educator license.
    • Renewal of a 2-year (Initial Practitioner) license for a 3rd time.
  2. A 40-point PGP is required for converting a 2-year (Initial Practitioner) license to a 5-year (Practitioner) license.

PGP Points must be obtained since the issue date of the license being renewed. For the third renewal of a 2-year (Initial Practitioner) license, the PGP points may be obtained since the issue date of the Original IP license.

If you are working in an Indiana school, your PGP will be verified within your school district or LEA. If there are questions about what is verifiable for PGP points, contact the Principal or Superintendent. A signed letter from your principal, superintendent, or human resources officer may be used to verify PGP points. Your name and the number of PGP points/hours must be indicated on the verification documents.

If you are NOT working in an Indiana school, your PGP will be verified by the Office of Educator Licensing; therefore, you MUST upload official documentation to support each entry in your LVIS account.

PGP points are calculated with one (1) clock hour qualifying for one (1) PGP point based on, but not limited to, the following activities:

When renewing a license, applicants can use a combination of coursework and Professional Growth Plan (PGP) points to renew. The coursework will be entered into the applicant’s PGP. Click here to see current Professional Development opportunities at Purdue University. If you have any questions regarding licensure renewal through either coursework or PGP points, contact OTEL at

FAQ: I did not go right into teaching after graduation and now my initial license has expired. I do not have two years of experience to convert my license to a 5 year license. How do I renew my initial (2 year) practitioner’s license?

Individuals who have not completed IMAP or do not have two years of teaching experience may renew their initial practitioner’s license. This is achieved by renewing through the Indiana Department of Education via LVIS. The license holder will be prompted to upload a document stating why IMAP hasn’t been completed. It can be as simple as “I haven’t completed IMAP” or as detailed as 1-2 paragraphs. The applicant must upload a valid CPR/AED card. No coursework or Professional Growth Plan (PGP) points are required for this renewal.

An individual with an initial license may renew the license twice upon application. If after the third initial license has been issued (second renewal), and the license holder has still not completed the IMAP program that is required to obtain a five-year practitioner license, then the license holder must complete a Professional Growth Plan (PGP) with a total of 90 points or take a Pearson Indiana Core Content Area exam to start the six-year initial practitioner cycle over. Coursework or professional development included in a PGP must have been completed since the issue date of the first initial license.

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