Instructional Design Graduate Certificate (Residential)

Graduate Certificate

Discover all of the skills necessary to develop dynamic, focused training and instruction. This 9-credit graduate certificate will give you the foundation you need to learn best practices for designing engaging learning by using the most current tools and techniques. Focus areas of the curriculum include Learning Theory and Instructional Design and Learning System Design. Students can choose from a variety of electives to personalize and customize their certificate. Credits from the certificate program may be applicable to programs for further graduate study in the field. See the Learning Design and Technology page for related degree programs.


Program Requirements

Admissions Requirements

  • 3.0 GPA
  • Resume
  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution

This residential certificate is available as a dual degree option to students already enrolled in a residential graduate degree program at Purdue West Lafayette. If you are not currently pursuing a graduate degree and are interested in this certificate as a standalone option, please visit the page for the Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design through Purdue University Online.

Required Coursework

EDCI 53100 Learning Theory and Instructional Design

Focuses on the theoretical principles that contribute to the field of Instructional Design and how they can be applied to make the process more efficient, effective and appealing.

EDCI 57200 Learning System Design

Design effective learning strategies that are motivating, efficient and effective. Practical aspects of designing instructional learning systems in the classroom and workplace are addressed while completing project work.

Plus an EDCI selective* including:

  • EDCI 51300 Foundations Of Learning Design And Technology
  • EDCI 52800 Human Performance Technology
  • EDCI 55600 Educational Video Game Design
  • EDCI 56000 Educational Technology For Teaching And Learning
  • EDCI 56600 Educational Applications Of Multimedia
  • EDCI 56400 Integration And Management Of Technology For Learning
  • EDCI 56900: Introduction to E-learning (pre-requisite EDCI 57200)
  • EDCI 57500 Foundations Of Distance Learning
  • EDCI 57700 Strategic Assessment And Evaluation
  • EDCI 58800 Motivation And Instructional Design
  • EDCI 63300 Instructional Design Project Management
  • EDCI 67200 Advanced Practices In Learning Systems Design (pre-requisite EDCI 57200)

*Elective options are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. In some instances, only one elective is offered in each term. Students may need to consider alternative offerings to complete the program in a timely manner


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