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Flexibility, intellectual rigor, and a personal touch characterize graduate work in English Education at Purdue University. Some of our students are practicing teachers extending their understanding of literacy, English, and English language arts; other students are expanding their career opportunities for leadership roles in schools, educational agencies, or university-level teacher preparation programs. Students often find a sense of solace as they learn alongside like-minded peers and delve into the many cultural, social, political, technological and pedagogical changes that affect today’s English Language Arts classrooms. The wide-ranging research interests and expertise of our English Education faculty, plus the flexibility of individualized, elective coursework, ensure a program tailored to students’ personal aims and professional aspirations.

If you’re not yet a teacher but have an undergraduate degree in English or related field, you might consider the Transition to Teaching program as a means to teacher certification and licensure. The graduate work required for the TTT program can (but is not required to) be dovetailed with a Master’s degree.


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We realize the information on these pages may be both too little and too much to digest, but we pride ourselves on our approachability!  Please feel free to contact Dr. Tara Star Johnson, current Program Convener for English Education, to help you make sense of your options for graduate study as well as opportunities you might have for assistantships.

The graduate English education program primarily addresses the theory and pedagogy of English teaching in U.S. middle and high schools. If your interests involve teaching English as a second language, please consult the English Language Learning programs.

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