Travel Support

Graduate Students

Student Travel Support

Interested in networking, learning, presenting your research and furthering your career by attending a conference? The College of Education believes that grad students can benefit greatly from the professional experience they gain at conferences. That’s why we offer several support options for graduate student travel. Purdue Student Government also has a travel grant. Read about them below.

Travel Grants for Prospective Doctoral Students

A limited number of travel awards will be made to well-qualified prospective doctoral students to help offset the individual’s costs of travel, lodging and meals to visit the College of Education. Awards of up to $500 will be made, on a reimbursement basis, to selected students. The campus visit should occur during the same academic year when the prospective student has applied or is considering applying for a College of Education graduate program.

Dean’s Graduate Student Travel Support

As of October 7, 2022, please note that all travel funding for 2022-2023 has been awarded. If additional funding becomes available, the Office of Graduate Studies will notify graduate students who are subscribed to the COE Grad Mailing List.

Partial support, up to $750, is available for College of Education graduate students who will be attending a regional, national, or international conference. College of Education funds are available to students who have authored or co-authored an accepted paper that will be presented at the conference; donor funds are available to any graduate students who wishes to attend a conference. This award is on a first-come, first-served basis, and the maximum award amount that students can receive per academic year is $750. Each fall, the Office of Graduate Studies will send an email to College of Education graduate students who are subscribed to the COE Grad Mailing List with an announcement that applications are open. Applications will be accepted and reviewed until the funds are depleted. Funds must be used by May 31.

Department Travel Grants

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction and the Department of Educational Studies offer travel grants to graduate students who will be attending a professional conference to present a paper. Contact your department for application information.

Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) Travel Grants

PGSG Travel Grants assist Purdue University graduate students in attending technical conferences which in turn will help to develop graduate students professionally and augment the overall quality of research at Purdue. Grants are distributed among graduate students on a competitive basis. Competitions are held each fall and spring semester.