Sezai Kocabas

Teaching Assistant

Mathematics Education,
Curriculum & Instruction
President of the Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Student Association (CIGSA) – Purdue University


EDCI 36400 – Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
EDCI 52004 – Teachers as Leaders
EDCI 54900 – Assessment in STEM Education

Research Area / Dissertation Topic

My research primarily centers on young children's computational and mathematical thinking. Specifically, I investigated the impact of worked examples and the significance of analyzing these examples to understand programming concepts. Additionally, I have explored into young children's spatial and computational thinking processes during block composition and decomposition tasks. I have also explored the discussion practices of Pre-Service Teachers within the Mursion mixed-reality simulation. Recently, I began investigating the interplay of language and storytelling in the shape composition processes of both emergent bilingual and monolingual students.