Fangfang Mo

Teaching Assistant & Research Assistant

Gifted Education,
Educational Studies


Dr. F. Richard Olenchak


EDPS 24800 – Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction (2022 – 2023)
EDPS 20001 - Special Populations Seminar: Focus on Students with Disabilities and Differentiation Approaches (2023 – 2024)


1. The Javits Grant Project - Underrepresented Students in Gifted & Talented Education: Positive Psychology Identification & Services
2. Underachievement of Gifted Female Students from Low-Income Families
3. The Impact of the Pandemic on Gifted Students’ Educational Experience

Research Area / Dissertation Topic

Research interests: 1. Identification and provision of educational services for gifted and talented students from all walks of life, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. 2. Social and emotional development of students with gifts and talents. 3. Creativity and related topics.