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Steven C. Beering Hall of Liberal Arts and Education 100 N. University Street West Lafayette IN 47907 Room 5114 Work Phone: 765-494-7333

Yingying Jiang

Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor Educational Psychology and Research MethodologyEducational Studies

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Yingying Jiang is a Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology and Research Methodology program of the Educational Studies Department in the College of Education. Her research interests include cognitive development during adolescence and early adulthood, international students experience in the United States as well as educational statistics, program evaluation and advanced quantitative methodology.

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– Research and Publications

Selected Publications

  • Xu, Y., Gibson, D., Pandey, T., Jiang, Y., and Olsoe, B. The Lived Experiences of Chinese International College Students During the Initial COVID-19 Quarantine Period in the United States. International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling.

Manuscripts Under Review

  • Jiang. Y., Jie. Y., and Saunters., T.R. Understanding the Relationship between Extracurricular Activities, Sense of Belonging, and Flourishing. Journal of American College Health.
  • Gibson, D., Xu, Y., Pandey, T., Jiang, Y., and Olsoe, B. The Impact of the Pandemic and Protests on Identity and Purpose: A Narrative Inquiry with an International Chinese Student.

Manuscripts Under Preparation

  • Jiang, Y., Abrams, L., and Lu, C.Y. Data Team Conversations: The Multiple Dimensions of Teacher Sensemaking.

– Courses Typically Taught

EDPS 533 Introduction to Educational Research I: Methodology