Office of Strategic Assessment and Accreditation

Data Requests

ONLY Purdue Faculty or Staff may request data here.

Meet the Team

Amber Reed

Director of Assessment and Accreditation

Data Requests
Phone: 765-496-1629
Room: BRNG 3281D

Natalie Guerra-Long

Education Data Systems & Reporting Analyst

Phone: 765-496-7937
Room: BRNG 3281D

Jessie Zeng

Education Data Systems & Reporting Analyst

Phone: 765-496-7937
Room: BRNG 3281D

Alissa Adams

College Success Manager

Phone: 765-496-7937
Room: BRNG 3281D

Ashley Luzadder

Ashley Luzadder

Receptionist/Administrative Support

Phone: 765-494-2341
Room: BRNG 3281

Five icons representing the five cultural mindset value, arranged in a circle.

Cultural Mindset

The Office of Assessment & Accreditation (OSAA) operates on a shared framework that fosters a positive and collaborative approach to quality assessment practices. By cultivating shared cultural mindsets across academic, administrative, and operational departments, OSAA promotes a culture of supportive, streamlined, and sustainable interdependent systems and relationships where data-driven decision making can occur while embracing a growth mindset.


Icon of a side profile with a clock, representing 'Anticipate'
  • Awareness and foresight to be prepared and act in advance
  • Efficiently manage and prioritize to
    maximize outcomes
  • Lead Proactively


Icon of three people arranged in a circle with arrows in between, representing 'Collaborate'
  • Respect voices and communicate consistently
  • Establish effective rhythms of
    work, promoting positivity
  • Responsive planning and


Icon of a pencil and paper, representing 'Formulate'
  • Strategic and data-supported decision-making
  • Strive for simple/ straightforward,
    sustainable, and streamlined
  • Reduce obstacles and


Icon of a lightbulb with a gear inside, representing 'Innovate'
  • Embrace growth mindset and accept change as a constant
  • Approach challenges with
  • Open to new ideas and
    generating creative solutions


Icon of a checklist with a magnifying glass, representing 'Evaluate'
  • Assist data and systems analysis
  • Assess and utilize best practices.
  • Focus on continual improvement
    and quality assurance