Preparing students for the future: piloting a new AI grad certificate

A Purdue University College of Education Learning Design and Technology team will pilot a new AI Integration in Education graduate certificate program in the Fall 2024 semester.

Hands typing on a laptop with a blue tint. Overlaid are strings of code and glowing pink, blue, and white lines.

Wanju Huang, clinical associate professor of learning design and technology, leads the development team of Laura Bofferding, associate professor of mathematics education; Hua-Hua Chang, Charles R. Hicks Chair Professor of educational psychology and research methodology; Signe Kastberg, professor of mathematics education and the Mary Endres Chair in Elementary Education; and Bill Watson, professor of learning design and technology and director of the Purdue Center for Serious Games and Learning in Virtual Environments.

“By offering this certificate, the College of Education demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, preparing our students for the future, and fostering a culture of innovation and progress,” said Huang.

The new certificate consists of three asynchronous online 8-week courses. The pilot will target graduate students in the College of Education. After the fall pilot program, the team will explore the possibility of offering these courses to students outside of the College to all K-12 teachers.

“We strategically identify three courses that will equip students with valuable AI competency and promote AI integration in education across various disciplines,” Huang said. “Our ongoing study in three different countries (i.e., the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan) shows that AI professional development programs for in-service teachers are needed.”

The courses are:

  • EDCI 59100: From Consumer to Creator: Understanding AI Education and Integrating it into Teaching (Pre-requisite for the other two courses); Fall 2024, Term A
  • EDPS 63200: Computerized Adaptive Testing; Fall 2024, Term B
  • EDCI 59100: AI Applications in STEM Education; Spring 2025, Term A

The new certificate is part of the College’s new AI and Data Sciences initiative, which aligns with Purdue’s Strategic Initiatives for artificial intelligence and data science.

“We hope this certificate will be available for in-service teachers in the future, which will broaden our impact on education worldwide,” Huang said.

Source: Wanju Huang,