Art Without Limits

A series of colorful abstract art pieces

We are thrilled to announce “Art Without Limits,” an inspiring exhibition showcasing the incredible artwork created by individuals at the Wabash Center. Curated by Sedigheh Fathollahzadeh, a PhD student from Purdue University’s special education program, in collaboration with Dr. Jasmine Begeske, this collection celebrates the boundless creativity and unique perspectives of our talented artists.

In this exhibition, you’ll explore a variety of styles, techniques, and themes that reflect each artist’s individuality.

Date: July 19
Opening Reception: 6-9 PM on Friday
Location: Bindery Studio, 511 Ferry St, Lafayette, Indiana

We will also have a public workshop on Friday, July 26, and a talk during the opening reception.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness our artists’ incredible talent and unfiltered expressions. Follow the Wabash Center and Bindery Studio on Instagram for more updates and sneak peeks into the exhibition!