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We have extended our youth enrichment programs to include free, online enrichment courses called MOOCs. The MOOCs provided by GER2I offer an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills as well as advance your career and deliver quality educational experiences.

Desertification: Problems and Solutions

In ‘Desertification: Problems and Solutions’, students will be introduced to desertification and related issues including soil depletion, dust bowls, dust storms and global warming. They will also use critical thinking and creative problem-solving to address the causes and consequences of desertification. This course is for anyone interested in ecological and environmental issues and for those who wish to improve their problem solving skills.

Topics covered include:

  • The causes and consequences of desertification around the globe
  • The 4 Cs of learning and innovation
  • The 6-step Future Problem Solving (FPS) model

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World of Spies: Keeping Secrets

*Note: This course is not currently running

In ‘World of Spies: Keeping Secrets’, students will learn all about spies, encrypting, and coding breaking. This challenging enrichment course will help develop those abilities while exploring the exciting world of espionage. This course has been specially designed for school students aged 13 and over who enjoy puzzles and are looking to improve their logic skills or find out more about espionage.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to spying and the common United States agencies that collect intelligence
  • The effectiveness of modern day encryption
  • Why protecting information is important
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