New GER2I Publications

Gifted Education in the United States

This report seeks to refine what is known about underrepresentation in gifted education by conducting more detailed analyses than have previously been done. Because of inequity in identification and services, many scholars and practitioners outside the field of gifted education raise concerns about racism, classism, and elitism within the field.

HOPE Teacher Rating Scale

The HOPE Teacher Rating Scale is designed to help guide teachers identify gifted students for programming. It is unique in several ways. First, it is short, with only 11 items that measure academic and social/affective components of giftedness, making it easy to use. Second, it is invariant when used to identify students from low-income and culturally diverse families. Third, it can be used across grade levels, K–12.

Total School Cluster Grouping & Differentiation

The Total School Cluster Grouping Model is a specific, research-based, total-school application of cluster grouping combined with differentiation, focused on meeting the needs of students identified as gifted while also improving teaching, learning, and achievement of all students.

Enrichment Clusters

Enrichment clusters engage students and facilitators in student-driven, real-world learning experiences. Grouped by interest, students working like practicing professionals apply advanced content and methods to develop products and services for authentic audiences. Clusters are scheduled during the school day over an extended period of time and involve all students.

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