Research Initiatives

Project PILAR aims to assist teachers, administrators, families, and policy makers with preparation of dual language bilingual education in Indiana.
The purpose of Reading Forum is to provide access to science-based research and practice to teachers, parents, and policymakers.
Purdue ELLLPS aims to provide pre-service and in-service teachers and administrators with resources and tools to practice assessing the English language proficiency of English language learners (ELLs).
Purdue Professional Development Portal – Teaching Language and Literacy
Diversity at Purdue offers resources for teaching literacy in a more inclusive, culturally responsive way for K-6 learners. Resources include book lists, lesson plans, filmed lessons, and teaching materials.
Freedom School is a literacy-based summer program which encourages a love of reading and learning through a culturally diverse curriculum.
Project DIVERSITY (Developing Identities, Valuing Equity, Resisting Stereotyping, Invigorating Teaching for Youth) aims to build robust multicultural learning environments where preservice teachers can cultivate in-depth understandings of culturally responsive literacy teaching by enhancing the multicultural library collection in the College of Education’s Teaching Resource Center.
Purdue’s LLDC offers an array of service options tailored to individual school populations’ needs and resources in the area of literacy and language development for grades K-6. Specifically, LLDC screens and intervenes to mitigate learning in the areas of:
  1. Emergent/Early/Transitional/Fluent Literacy, and
  2. Emergent Bilingualism/English Language Learning.
Clinical services include:
  1. Needs Assessment and Screening
  2. and One-on-One Intervention.
Teacher Release Project
Lending Library

Previous Projects

Project PUEDE (Professional and Parental Understanding for Equity in Dual Language Education) will increase instructional and family engagement capacities of pre- and in-service teachers, administrators, and family liaisons in Indiana in dual language (DL) through licensure and adequate Spanish proficiency.
Leveraging the Lectura y Lenguaje will increase the overall literacy and English language (EL) development capacities of elementary pre- and in-service educators, administrators, and family liaisons in Central Indiana schools, creating a stable EL infrastructure.