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The Library of Liberty makes available a wide variety of resources and books donated by the Liberty Fund, Inc. and Purdue University faculty. Materials are available for check out to anyone and the Library is located in the Ackerman Center in Beering Hall 4115. The Library of Liberty is also a great place for small group meetings. Please contact us to reserve the room in advance.

The collection has over 2000 resources and includes:

  • Elementary and Secondary Social Studies Textbooks
  • Social Studies Methods Resources
  • Children’s Literature focused on Social Studies Topics such as:
    • Culture and Diversity
    • Holocaust Education
    • History
    • Large Selection of Biographies
  • Foundational Texts in History, Law, Politics and Democracy, donated by the Liberty Fund, Inc.

The Ackerman Center Library of Liberty is now searchable through the Teaching Resource Center search engine. Items listed as “Ackerman Center” in the Location field are in BRNG 4115. View a complete list of the collection

Contact the Ackerman Center at (765) 494-4755 or by email at
Beering Hall 4119 West Lafayette, IN

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