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In the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, we are preparing the very best educators and professionals for positions in schools, higher education, and the workplace. We equip our graduates to take on the challenges facing the field of education today.

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Krista Mitchell

Dr Krista Mitchell | Lecturer, Elementary Education

Krista Mitchell is a lecturer and head supervisor for Student Teaching in Elementary Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. She joined the College of Education in August 2023.

She is currently working on training manuals for University Supervisors, Placements for University Supervisors, for the spring of 2024, and course revisions for 2024-25 when the College will offer a full year of student teaching.

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Negar Bakhshandeh

Negar Bakhshandeh | PhD Student | Language and Literacy

Negar Bakhshandeh is in the second year of her Language and Literacy doctoral program in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

“I am from Iran, and I have taught English to English Language Learners from a variety of native languages and cultures for almost 11 years,” says Negar. “I also did my master’s and bachelor’s back in Iran in English Teaching and have been busy doing research studies on language learning, teaching, and teacher education.”

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