Finding the Women in US History

For 8th – 12th grade Social Studies and English Language Arts teachers

When: Tuesday, October 8th 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Where: Lawson Hall, Room 1142

Presented by Dennise Grater, Social Studies teacher at McCutcheon High School and a Women’s History Teacher Ambassador for the New-York Historical Society.

Dennise will share a treasure trove of resources from the museum’s Women & the American Story (WAMS) curriculum to help you rethink existing lessons and find new ones.  You will participate in a model lesson using inquiry into the role of women in US History.  You will find places in your curriculum where you can swap in women’s stories seamlessly to help your students see a bigger picture of history.

WAMS is the flagship education initiative of the New-York Historical Society’s (N-YHS) Center for Women’s History. This dynamic free curriculum provides teachers and students with information about the myriad roles women played in shaping United States history. Currently, only 13% of the individuals featured in history textbooks are women, despite the fact that women have always been 50% of American history. WAMS is designed to address this problem, by providing teachers with a diverse array of women’s voices to incorporate into their daily instruction. While primarily a US history curriculum, it includes highlights on women in the arts and in STEM, as well as arts-integration lessons, in each of the units. Using WAMS, we seek to make the history taught in our classrooms more inclusive, accurate, and engaging.